Care & Support Services

Harmony Care & Support Service are registered to provide both care at home and housing support services, to those who have been excluded from most/all other services or where no other service has been able to be found for the person. This means that we can provide any type of service that falls within this remit, where we have the capacity to do so.

The process for determining support for each individual is through a process of assessment ("My Steps to Support assessment"), usually completed by a social worker, and which draws on other relevant assessments e.g. from an Occupational Therapist.

A support plan is then drawn up either by the allocated social worker or by someone else of the individual's choosing. The support plan should focus on the outcomes that the individual wishes to achieve in their life (as per the Self Directed Support legislation and guidance) and not only on the task-based support required to achieve these or only on having support in place.

The support that we provide is flexible according to need, wherever possible, rather than fixed visits each week. This is so that we are able to respond to changing circumstances, for example to better achieve effective engagement, to respond to an unexpected short-notice appointment/opportunity, to enable full (rather than partial/stressful) participation in a social activity that runs over time and/or in a crisis. It also means that if someone is out / unavailable when we visit, then they don't have to wait until their next fixed appointment to be supported.

It also enables the individual to remain in as much control of their support as they wish to be, with support to do this, and we feel that this is very important in delivering person-centred services and support.

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